Headphone output problem

Hi everyone.

I’m pretty new to cubase and I need it for my job mostly, even though I think i am going to use it for my personnal interest. To cut it short, I need to record my voice, editing it and mixing it. I managed to configure and edit my track because I was able to hear the track via my headphone (the support helped me configuring it so it was great, thank you) but now, for reasons that are obscure to me, I can’t hear anything anymore.
I set up the generic Low Latency ASIO driver and my vst point right at my realtek digital output (stereo). Actually I did not change anything for the time it worked to the time it stopped working :S
The problem is, there is no sound whatsoever coming out of my headphone (it works with youtube video and so on though).

I’ll keep diging for answer as I guessed this seems to have been a problem for other people, but I did not encounter anything to help me solve my problem yet.

Thanks for the time of anyone helping me.


Hi and welcome,

Please open Devices > VST Connections > Outputs, and make sure Stereo Out is connected to your Audio Device.

Also be aware of Monitor button (speaker) of every single Audio track. If this Monitor button is switched On (orange speaker), the track doesn’t play what is recorded in the track, and listen, what comes from the Input. This is for Record. If the Monitor button is switched Off, you can listen the recorded signal in the track. This is for Playback.