Headphone output?

Don’t see it in the manuals, so I’ll just ask - is there support to have a cue mix sent to the headphone output of the remote device?

I ask because it would be awesome, but also because I saw the drummer in the demo video wearing Apple-style headphones - made me think it would be awesome to have essentially wireless headphone sends :slight_smile:

Realistically, though - I bet sample-accurate sync through wi-fi would be an effing nightmare for the programmers. I guess with System Link, Steinberg has some experience with network sync.

Still, this looks awesome, I’m buying it and intend to check it out tonight.


I have tested it. Unfortunately this is not possible. The iC Pro is only a remote. But you are right, this feature would be fantastic!

Hi that would be awesome!

I would also get value/mileage from routing the iDEVICE input (either the mini jack, or 30-pin) and tunnelling it back thru the outputs back on the application::Server.
It would make for a wifi transmitter, that you could plug :

guitar->iRIG{or JAM} -->iPOD == == [Cubase::outputChannel]

would also be ideal for my keytar (AX09) on stage too.

… and while we’re at it,

let’s also talk wifi MIDI transmitter/receiver to and from application::server <=> iDevice

Or use the “speakerphone” as a talkback/listen device somehow…

But now we’re just being greedy :slight_smile: