Headphones and IMAC pro

When connecting a headphone to iMac pro, the internal speakers still appear in system preferences under sound. Cubase constantly picks up the speakers instead of headphones at max volume. Very frustrating. Apple could not help. any one with a suggestion.


What was the Apple statement, please? From my point of view, this must by on OS (Apple) side. I cannot imagine how could Cubase act here.

They are blaming Cubase.
Saying this software is responsible and want to wipe out the system which I do not want to do

Are they more specific?

As far as I know (at least on my MacBook Pro), the OS decides. If Headphones is connected, it set the out as headphones. If there is none headphones Connected, the system set is as link out and switches the internal speakers on. Cubase is using only one Audio Driver.

Might be I’m wrong, but this is my existing experience.

What Cubase version do you use?

I am using Cubase 9.5 pro withe the latest updat.
You are correct. All macs behave the way you explained.
But Imac pro seems to behave different. Not too many iMac pros out there to know how the others are behaving


OK, I have learned, iMac Pro really acts different here.

Steinberg is in touch with Apple.

As a workaround, you can make an Aggregate Device for now.

thank you for your response

I just confirmed this behavior with all iMac pros at an apple store. iMac pro is designed not to disable the speakers when a headphone is blocked in so you have both headphone and the speakers listed under system preferences, sound. This is causing Cubase to recognize two built in audios and no matter which on you pick, the sound comes out of the speakers

no change in behavior after all cubase updates


Right, it also wasn’t announced as a fixed issue.