Headphones as alternate monitor device

Hello, trying to add headphones as an alternate monitor. I have set up phones in audio connections/control room as in image as below. but it does not add a “B” monitor and the headphones and main monitors continue simultaneous playback like normal.

How can I set the headphones up as a alternate playback so I dont have to turn up and down the volume on monitors to switch back and forth. Thanks! ! Apollo x8 interface.

Screen Shot 2021-02-06 at 11.32.32 PM|623x143

it all depends on your hardware how to do it. I am not familiar with the Apollo

but how I do it is:

I use the control room and set up my different outputs that go to my RME soundcard and I route it from there.

I feed everything into my DAC and then into my monitor station. also I have a separate feed into another output which is dedicated headphones on my RME


From my DAC I have headphones output with volume, and I have headphones output on my monitor station so I can pick many stages on where to listen in my headphones

Thanks for the feedback! So it does sound impossible to route one of the alt monitors signals directly to the headphone jack on a interface? Sounds like the way to go would be an headphone amp and send a stereo output from the apollo to that. Sounds kinda like what you are doing.

yes that is a perfect way to do it

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Just simply add another speakers and assign the phones out instead of adding headphones. Headphons in the CRM mixer has its own special functions like as you said, if you don’t want that, then use it as speakers.

Hi Takashi, I also tried setting it up as speakers as well and sent to the same outputs (HP-L - HP -R) and I had the same results as setting them up as headphones. Will give it another shot when I’m in the studio tomorrow to be sure now that you mention it. Thanks!

Then that’s the uad mixer that mixes other outputs to the HP-L/R output.