Headphones button up to maximum but vocal input not loud

Hoping someone can help. My mr816csx has been working great. This is weird.

However I’m trying to record vocals for the first time since upgrading my system. Unlike before on my old PC, I have to have the headphones button up to the maximum level in order to hear my vocals at just the right level. Obviously i have had to reduce all the instrument tracks massively in the mixer to compensate, thus leaving the master bus running at a very low level.

I’m maybe missing something but is there another setting I have to make to boost the input signal? Eg, on the MR editor? Note, the input channel trim dials and all other physical buttons have been unchanged since getting my new PC.

Hoping someone can show me the error of my ways…

Are you using Cubase? If so, it might have to do with the hardware set-up dropdown in Cubase which you use to bus either the headphone mix or master bus mix to the headphone outputs on the MR. There are level adjustments in the control panel.

Thanks. Yes I’m using cubase. I’ve been into MR editor. Also been into cubase, audio hardware settings which brings up the little panel. There is definately no option to route master out to headphones. Unless I’ve missed something? Could you attach a screen image of this option as Im not seeing it my end.


Actually. I do know the setting you are referring to. Yes it says on the headphones tab that the master outs 1 and 2 are routed to headphones. Again the problem isn’t that i can’t hear via headphones. It’s just that I have to have the knob up maximum in order to monitor my vocal. Ive used it great fir 3 yrs then buy a new pc and havin this problem But when i play an mp3 via mr816 outwith cubase the headphones full up are deafening. So in sure it is something in cibase or with the Mr but u am puzzled. Any ideas!

aljames. I had a similar problem. I did not here my vocals at all. I reinstalled cubase 6. erased regedit and folder, ininstall. Installed 1.7. After that it worked.
Off the topic - i am curious about the csx, I own the x model. Do you use the EQ/Comp on the inputs regurly? Or could ypu have bought the x model instead?

Well Ive installed the latest 1.7 and it’s not made any difference. I still need to have my headphone jack up full volume to be able to record vocals at enough volume in the cans. I work perfectly before with my old PC.
Something else I have noticed, in the MR editor, and with cubase closed, I am unable to click/de-click the little headphone buttons on the far right. They are by default enabled? Should they not be clockable?

ANyway, how about some mederator assistance on my problems with headphone level please??


How about some help please steinberg support??

Hi again Al. I’m sure you probably know the MR816 better than I do, but lets see . . .

Is the Master knob in the MR816 hardware all the way up? I get to this by going to my input channel, viewing “hardware” (instead of EQ or sends, etc.). Then you can access your reverb levels, headphones levels, and master level for the MR816. I keep mine all the way at 0 dB and then adjust my control room volume with my CC121 knob (which is set very low).

But now I have the same problem: when I play an MP3 outside of cubase, it’s REALLY LOUD! So I panic and turn down the master volume knob on the front of the MR816. Then when I go back to Cubase, it’s really quiet because my control room level is set so low, so I have to put the MR816 volume back up to 0 dB.

Maybe I should adjust the levels in the MR editor in order to balance this disparity in volume.

Also, I doubt it’s the Listen Bus, but make sure it’s not on and lowering any levels.

Ye man I have the masters right up at 0db. Makes sod all difference.


I make use of the Studio sends feature and crank up the Studio master

There’s plenty juice coming out the headphones. Just very reduced signal for monitoring vocal. Everything else very loud so I’m forced to turn down all tracks just so I can monitor my vocal with the headphone knob up full! There’s definately something wrong with it.


Hmmm . . . I agree with the poster above. If you can’t figure it out, make a “studio” in the control room and (assuming your don’t use your adat channels) assign Adat1&2 to the “studio.” Then route the Adat 1&2 to your phones. Make sense? I know it doesn’t solve your problem, but at least you can get working while you figure the rest out.

Okay make an audio track and make the input the same as your recording input for your Mic monitor arm this track turn the fader right up and if thats not enough use the gain at the top.I suggest you name this audio track Vocal Monitor or something like that as this is just for monitoring purposes so do not arm record it.

Now to record make another audio track with the same input for your Mic but do not engage the Monitor button but just the record arm.