Headphones don't work? Help please...

Hi all,

Just bought Cubasis. Not an amateur here, but for some reason, when I plug in my headphones the sound disappears. When I unplug my headphones, the sound appears again through the iPAD speaker…what gives??? Am I missing something simple Here? BTW, I am not using any interfaces, just the iPAD headphone plug. Thanks!


first of all, thanks for buying Cubasis.

Could you provide us with further details about how to reproduce the issue that you are experiencing? For instance: How many tracks are you using? In what state was Cubasis when you plugged in the headphones (recording, stopped, …)? The project with which you are experiencing the problems might be helpful as well.

With the risk of sounding stupid: Are you sure that your headphone volume is set properly. I made the mistake of forgetting to set the headphone volume for a few times myself, that is why I am asking.

With a little more information we can sort out whether you missed something, or whether you experienced a bug of Cubasis.

Kind regards,

Sure no problem,

Headphones were plugged in and sound was fine in mail app, garagband, etc…

Then I bought Cubasis and installed…

Started using the draft Cubasis project with an acoustic piano track and recorded some keys…I saw the midi notes being laid down but could not hear as I played and during playback. I then unplugged my phones and the sound started coming from the iPAD speakers. I couldn’t figure out what could be the issue from there. Plugged and unplugged my phones several times with sound disappearing and reappearing. Closed the Cubasis app and opened garageband, sound played fine through the phones then. Closed garageband and opened Cubasis again, then same problem happened.

Also, I think Audiobus may have been running in the background but can’t remember now that I am at work. Thanks

What’s going one here???

Opened up Cubasis again last night and now my headphones work but the iPAD speakers don’t work. It is doingexcatly the opposite as the other day…iPAD 2, volume levels are fine, 2 tracks

Guess I will try creating another project, but doubtful this will work…anyone else having this sound issue of switching between phones and internal speakers???

Maybe the headphone jack on the iPad has a loose connection?

No, connection is fine…but worked with Cubasis for a few hours last night and everything is fine…go figure