Headphones mix cubase elements


First of all excuse my english (i´m spahish). I,ve been in PT 10 time ago but now i,m testing cubase elemnts 8 because i think is better daw for me. I,ve no control room in this version so i don´t know exacly how to do a mix for the singers or musicians. i´m crazy looking for an spanish tutorial of how to do this but i don´t found it. it must to be easy but i´m a desaster :blush: . anybody could explain to me as easy as posible how to do?. buy the way, my sound card in a saffire pro 40

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the key to your question are the SENDS of your audio-channels. You can use them to route Audio to an additional Output bus that Feeds your headphone-channel.

hth; ernst

WORKING with control room!. The only thing i don´t know how to do is to listen metrome only in the headphones…

Hi, I dont understand. Did you follow my advise or have you changed from elements to cubase 8 WITH the control room Feature?


In case you are still using elements and only want to hear the click on your headphones (additoinal Output bus): You simply must select this Output for “click” in the vst-connections dialogue.


I´m using pro 8.5. I have everithing clear about this. I´m studing because it´s a new daw for me.

Another doubt. I was recording yesterday night using loop and punch in and out. i was recording diferents events in the same track, 1st from 0 to 1.15 seconds, 2nd from 1.15 to 2.20 (this is and example). the problem is that when i record the second event i want that the guitar player hear in his headphones the end of the event 1 to have a reference to start the second event, but i can´t get it. i have used this solution: https://goo.gl/photos/Jo4YSKEroG11Drkm7 , but this is not what i want.

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Hi you,

well, first the principle way cubase works with Audio tracks: You can EITHER hear the Signal that Comes from the Input port that is routed to the respective track OR the Signal that has already been recorded to that track. You can never hear both from the same track at a given Point of time.
The decision what you here is selected by the Little brownish Speaker button (Monitor button). When it is pressed you hear the Signal from the Input port, when it is depressed you hear the recorded material.
There are a couple of Options how this button will behave, you find them in the PROGRAM SETTINGS dialogue in the file menu. There is a Manual mode for the button, … plus one mode that is called “tape machine style”. The latter automatically swithces the button ON when you are recording or the Transport has stopped. while “Play” is on without recording, the button will automatically be depressed, i.e. let you hear what you have recorded.
I consider this behaviour what is most often needed.

This leads to the following conerning your question:

Select the “Tape machine style”. And use Punch in recording.

This should work.

In every Situation where you Need to hear the already recorded material while you are recording, a separate track is necessary.

Hth, Ernst

Perfect Elien. That´s the way to do what i want. THANKS A LOT

Only one thing that i didn´t found. When i record in loop mode i put the metronome precount (2 beats for example), but when the daw starts the second time of the recording doesn´t do the 2 beats of the precount, is this possible to do?..

Excuse my english

I believe you have to turn off the loop function, but you will have to manually punch in the second recording.

You can also check the behavior of ‘comping’ but that is new territory for me too (mainly work with midi recording myself)

Good luck!