Headphones on UR 44 not detecting pan information

I have multiple instruments/synths/machines being recorded all at once. But in my headphones it’s a big mono blur. it gets recorded with the pan information, but I can’t monitor it from my headphones. Is there some easy fix to this?

Depends what DAW you use.

In Cubase you can use the pan in the mixer.

If using other Daw, use the pan in DSPmix. Especially with stereo sources like digital keyboard, which are often “wide stereo” I usually link the coresponding two inputs and pan them hard left and right otherwise both chanels are treated as two mono inputs panned dead center which sounds weird.

I know this is a long dead thread but figured it was better to resurrect than create new.

Not sure about the OP but, in my case, I’m forced to ask…

Why would the choice of DAW have any impact on this?

This is coming from the headphone out jack on the UR44 itself even when running no DAW

I have multiple instruments running into my Mackie 16 channel mixer and panning is detected at headphone jack on mixer as well as any headphones connected to powered splitter when using Mackie headphone out as source.

But, as soon as the signal reaches the UR44 (from Mackie L&R Main Outs to UR44 mic/line ins 3&4) and I utilize the UR44’s headphone out as source, all pan info is lost and a mono mess is all that’s heard from the phones. I use this setup to rehears with others late at night with a Roland kit and all was great until we introduced a 2nd guitar and wanted to pan the 2 guitars to L&R. My troubleshooting of course provided the workaround of using Mackie headphone out as mix source instead of UR44 but would prefer to solve this especially as UR44 has two headphone out jacks with dedicated level controls whereas the Mackie has just one with no dedicated control assigned to headphones out.

Thanks for any considered replies