Heads Or Tails

Another video by Chronix

Gear: cubase 5, groove agent 3, CI 2, gibson les paul, pod xt and rock n roll…


The new link to a stereo version!!! :laughing:

Excellent :sunglasses:

Hi Chronix,

your video only plays on my right speaker. It’s not my system, all other youtube videos
play both sides. You might want to check that.

If you want to hear something that’ll freak you out, listen to the first 20 secs
of this video:

The Boys in the Band - Gentle Giant (1972)
(search this on youtube, I didn’t want to post a direct link here)

yup I’m only getting the right side to, wild stuff though. cool lenny, who could forget the spinning coin with gentle giant, I may have to dig that album up from storage.
excellent vid and music, just check the render.

■■■■!!! you’re right
Only the right speaker plays music: i never noticed it before! :astonished:
that’s not cool…

Thanks for the information:“The Boys in the Band - Gentle Giant (1972)”
It seems I have used the same spinning coin like them.

like it ,nice high energy stuff ,yeh it would be better if we had the left hand side aswell ,sorry about this but i thought it was funny at 0.17 when you went to plug the guitar in and you missed the jack hole at first :laughing: ,did n`t you have yer glasses on :nerd: , anyway HEADS, good one.

So, now in stereo!!!



Very good. :sunglasses:

This works. Well balanced, and fun to watch. Guitars sound great to me.

Musically out of my genre and out of my league - but I think this is well done. Video I think is excellent! :sunglasses: