Heads up for Band in a Box VST

I thought people might like to know that Band in a Box now has a VST. For those that don’t know, Band in a box is a very capable play along. It uses both MIDI and LIve musicians, many of which are top players. The real strong point is “Real Tracks” these are live performances in hundreds of different styles - latin, jazz, blues, thrash, rock, world, country, pop, and many many more. It features a list of over 12,000 classic standards from these and other genres.
Each track is seperate, you can change any chord, any bar, the tempo, the key and the chosen style of any song. You can generate the tracks and load them into Cubase.
I don’t work for the company, but i do use it to practice every day and find it has that critical human “feel”. I think it’s a great tool for starting tracks. The days of MIDI lameness are well over and it is well worth an investigation




Thanks for posting. While the lounge is a better place for this post, it is not at all off topic for the forum. That other user was just trolling you, unfortunately.

Does anyone know if bandora also has a VST? https://bandora.com/en/