Heads Up! Mac Mojave incompatibility with AI v10

Maybe this will save someone a LOT of time and aggravation.

Just installed Mac OS Mojave and it broke all sorts of stuff including my Cubase AI (V 10.0.20) … specifically NO audio input into Cubase possible, period. Tried everything, including reinstalling Cubase, various audio/midi drivers etc. Nope … Mojave problem.

Additionally, Mojave now constantly drops my Bluetooth connection to mouse AND keyboard … maybe it comes back, maybe it doesn’t. Wait … wait … OK hard reboot … super aggravating. And … and … and.

Reinstalled High Sierra and everything is back working fine as before, so yes it’s Mojave.


Hi and welcome,

Follow this article, please.

Hi Martin,
Thanks for the link, still finding my way around the Steinberg support site.
Good to see a suggestion/fix for Mac Mojave users.
For me … Mojave had other issues, so I’m staying with High Sierra for a while.
Regards, Ken


I also stay with High Sierra.