Headset not recognized under audio output dropdown

I’m new to cubase and have been trying to fix an issue where my audio output option is not showing my logitech g733 headset, which I would like to use sometimes as an output. Here is what I’ve tried.
First, all drivers related to my devices are up to date. Cubase is up to date. I have tried plugging everything in and restarting cubase/my computer. Still doesn’t show up.
Second, I am using a PreSonus Audio box usb as my interface, and I have up to date driver for it. Changing between this and the generic low latency asio driver does not change what is shown for audio inputs. You can see the headset’s microphone is being picked up as an option for an audio input, but it doesn’t show up under available outputs.

If I plug in a normal pair of headphones that uses an aux jack, cubase recognizes them under audio outputs and it all works fine. Seems to only happen with this headset (considering all the audio devices I have available to me).
Other potentially relevant info is - Windows 11 operating system. Headset connects to PC via usb. Works with every other application, and always shows up under available audio outputs in windows. I had cubase working with the headset temporarily, but it was preventing audio from other applications to play while cubase was open (which I need so I can watch and follow youtube videos) so I switched this “allow applications to take…” option to false in the windows audio device settings. This was when I stopped seeing it as an option for output in cubase. Turning it back on hasn’t solved the problem, even after full reset of PC, cubase, etc.
(I can’t post a pic of this since I’m a new user. Check comment for screenshot).
Any help would be appreciated! Idk if I’m doing something wrong because I’ve tried everything I can find in the other posts related to this issue. Nothing has worked for me yet. Maybe a bug with my headset and windows 11. We’ll see. Thx!

ah it looks like this solved it.
“audio-setup-guide-for-windows-users” in steinberg forums