Headsup: If you keep an unused Trial copy of C7..

I downloaded the Trial version of C7.0.3. I didn’t find it that good a fit for my needs. HOWEVER… thinking that Steinberg will eventually get the mixer issues sorted out, I kept the non-working C7 on my C drive. I figured I will buy the improved version, authorize the C7 I have and do the upgraded download. I’m not sure but I think this would make the download process easier? I could be wrong.

Well, hm, there’s a problem with that. All my C6.5 projects are automatically set by default to to open with C7. Buggers, what a drag. There’s no way around it on my Win7 PC, even though I have tried a few times to set up the default program (C6.5.4) to open my C6.5.4 projects. It seems to be something that Steinberg has created and I’m not sure why. ??

So C7 comes off the C drive. So much for my idea of keeping the unused (for now) C7 on my C drive. :laughing:

It is easy to fix that.

Select a session file, and use right click.

See my pictures to understand (my windows 7 is in portuguese, but the places are the same in every language)
fix session 1.jpg
fix session 2.jpg
fix session 3.jpg

Yes, I understand and I did this, too. You’ll see that as you save the project - that you changed to open in C6.5 - that it will save in C7, and tell you that you may have a problem opening it.

And worse, as you go to revisit the other saved C6.5 projects, the Win7 default opening progran is - once again - C7!!

You can’t win here. Haha! I have since uninstalled C7 and now everything is back to normal. This ‘feature’ must be built into C7. As I said, buggers! :laughing:

Its easy…you completely uninstall 7 and everything goes back to normal.
Just keep the downloaded installer and reinstall later when you buy it.