Headtracking Support for Ed Tracker

While recently experimenting with Cubase’s Ambisonic Workflow I noticed that supported headtracking devices are limited to head mounted displays except HTC Vive :open_mouth: and 3D Connection Mouse.
However there are a couple of really affordable headtrackers out there on the market which you can fix on the top of your headphone’s headband.
There is a really nice ED Tracker
https://edtrackerpro.mybigcommerce.com/ which I have
and Headtracker HC-06 which is sold by audio ease.
ED Tracker is even recognized by Cubase and appears in Studio Set Up Window under Remote Devices.

Please Steinberg enable support of these Headtrackers in Cubase’s Headtracking Module
Mixing Ambisonics with Headtracker is really fun!!!

By the way as far as I know there is a build in headtracker in Audeze Mobius Headphone as well :ugeek: