Healing a clip separation

One thing that I haven’t found a way to do in Wavelab is to automatically remove a slice made in a clip, usually this is made by accident. I can do it manually by deleting one of the two pieces of the clip and sliding it back to full length.

However, one brilliant thing that exists in Pro Tools is the “heal separation” function. If a region or clip becomes separated but no pieces are moved, you can highlight the separation and remove the slice, or “heal separation” using a command. Obviously, if one of the separations is moved, a crossfade would be needed to fill the gap, but for clips that never actually get moved, or get separated by accident and noticed later, it would be nice to be able to automatically remove the separation without having to extend the regions again and redo fades etc. at the end of the clip.

Does something like this exist in Wavelab? Or could it be added if not?


Why not simply use undo?

Sometimes the action was done a while back and undo would not work without undoing a lot of other work.

Please please please could you ad this feature??? For years it has been bugging me… Just let me select two clips or more and remove the cuts! Of course this could result in re-rendering of the source material… But I wouldn’t mind…

This is basically possible with the new superclip feature I think. I’m trying to find a way to fix accidental splices without rendering any new audio.

I would like to be able to heal up slices that were made by accident, or if I decide against an edit. As long as the two adjoining regions are not actually moved, just sliced, a “heal separation” option would be ideal.

Pro Tools has had it for awhile. If you have a sliced region but are technically not moved from each other, command+H will make the splice disappear as if nothing happened.

This was already in CoolEdit 2000 as well.

This is basically possible with the new superclip feature I think

Thanks for reminding me of this feature!

It should be like this: Mark a separation, choose ‘remove seperation’ or something like this… And in case that the separation had been created by cutting or moving clips, there could be a warning message like: ‘removing not possible’