Heaping love on the Dorico Crew (1.0.20)

Just a note of thanks to Daniel and the whole Dorico crew for all their hard work! Congrats on the 1.0.20 release, thank you for the improvements you’ve added, and here’s to a holiday season full of rest, rejuvenation, and reacquaintance with the real world! :smiley:

What Tony said!

Thirded! To all on the team, have a wonderful Christmas and so many thanks for all the hard work. It’s quite remarkable how thick and fast the updates are coming now. Very excited to see what the next year holds in terms of Dorico updates!

The new arpeggiation lines are a great example of Dorico saving a ton of time by just getting it right.
Have a great Christmas and New Year and thanks for your work on the program, your accessibility to users and everything that has gone into rethinking notation software. xx

Thank you for your devotion! Wish you a well deserved holiday.

PS: You forgot to mention that the dynamic popover now interprets cresc and dim differently from < and >. Great news!

Well done guys, I’m forever impressed by the work of the team. Have a fantastic Christmas break, and I look forward to seeing what the new year brings for Dorico!

Thank you so much for the many improvements! Have a wonderful and well deserved break.

To Dorico’s marvelous team.

I wish you all, the best and I hope that you’ll take time with your relatives to enjoy and celebrate the forthcoming weeks.

Thanks for your unbelievable creative work.

Merry Christmas and Happy new year.

Long and wonderfull life to DORICO.

Thank You Dorico-Team, what a great Christmas present!

All the best!


Improvements are coming fast! I really like Dorico…it’s making notation fun again!

Thank you so much and all the best wishes of the season!

yeah, seriously well deserved vacation for you fellows!! Really awesome how things are coming together. And those new videos, by the way, are perfect - short, clear, get to the point, informative.

Thanks for all the incredible hard work you guys have done. Tremendous support, consistent updates and improvements - if only every piece of software was like this!

A Merry Chrsitmas to the Dorico Team and a very successful and Happy New Year, killing bugs and adding new features!

Thanks for getting 1.0.20 out of the door before you leave…


Great to see another update - hope to see piano pedal marks and cues soon.

Thank you, Dorico Team, great work! Thanks also for the incredible fast support here in the forum.


Great to see a new update. Installed it, and happy to see and hear all the improvements. Great support, thank you Dorico Team!

What everyone else said. Many thanks to the Dorico team!

Thanks and Kudos to the Dorico team!

Thank you Dorico team for your extremely hard work and for your care in listening to feedback and giving users the best opportunity to use Dorico effectively! May you all enjoy the holiday season as you so deserve to do!