Heaps of praise - and new icon colour at last!

So I’ve just activated D4 Elements and so far wow, so many features, going to take me while to get to them all. The increase to 24 players is huge for me. Don’t know if I’ll ever need the engraving sophistication of Pro, but certainly 12 players was just squeezing me a bit, now I feel liberated!

Anyway a waggon load of praise and virtual beers / gin and tonics / fruit juices to the team, what a magnificent release.

And finally I can forget about accidentally opening Wavelab or Cubase from the Dock! Wonder what colours they’ll choose for their updates? I do hope different from Dorico…


Agreed that the new icon color is great. It really stands out on the Windows task bar.

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I wish there was an an option to get the old icon back, honestly.

The new one is very close to my PDF reader


Late to this party, but you can change the icon of an app on both Windows and Mac. I hue-shifted the logo into a lovely green, and created an icon file using the app Iconology (on Mac) and replaced it because I deeply hate burnt orange almost as much as I love Dorico.