Hear Back PERSONAL MIXER Help with Cubase Pro 8,


I use steinberg cubase DAW with my apollo 16 thunderbolt interface on imac,

Recently I purchased a heartechnologies hear back pro hub with 8 hear back personal mixers for my studio.

I cannot figure out how to set it up with apollo 16, This is my goal here:

When I am sitting in the control room, I want to be able to hear the music and each of 8 artists through my speakers.

Also each of the artists who are in the vocal recording room should be able to hear the music and their own vocal through their headphones which is connected to the personal hearback mixer.

I cannot get this all done and I would really appreciate your help.

Output the audio from Cubase via your Apollo 16 and from there input it in your hearback Hub. How depends on the expansion cards you have.

Thank you for your response but I still think there is some misunderstanding here, so let me explain what I need in more detail.

There is only one music line which is all instruments in one single mp3

There are 16 microphones that are used by 16 artists

Each artist has a headphone

Through each headphone, each artist hears only their own vocals in real time and the mp3 music

Each artist should be able to control the level of their own vocal and the mp3

When they change the levels, this change should not affect what other 15 artists are hearing

Also, I am in my room listening to all 16 vocals in real time, and the one music file

I also need to control the level of their vocals and the single music line.

The changes the 16 artists make should not affect what i hear in my room through my studio monitors.

No misunderstanding here. Your control roo mix is done inside Cubase, and all the 16 Microphones and the mp3 have to get into the hearback hub so that where every singer can create his own monitor mix with his hearback mixer. Therefore the hub needs to be capable or receiving 17 input signals on discrete channels. And your interface needs to be capable of outputting 17 channels.