Hear clear sound

Does anyone know how to route my guitar from axr4 into cubase so that i only hear the cubase output?
I hear the guitar from my AXR4, and cubase at the same time.
But even with the "stereo in’’ on cubase turned all the way down, i still hear my AXR4 guitar loud and clear.
Is there a way to hear my guitar through cubase alone?
Thanks for reading.
This is so that when i record or play through cubase, i only hear one clear guitar signal, that records exactly as i hear it played, instead of hearing two guitar signal (one from AXR4 and one from Stereo out of cubase)
(i want to be able to monitor cubase alone)


I expect, there is Direct Monitor enabled on your AXR4. Disable it, please.

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Thanks! ill look for that, anyone have any tips on where to find the direct monitoring button? im searching currently…

Use the search function in the online manual section…
That’s what I would do first… if I need help on a function…

What st10ss says does make sense - at least to try it!
Anyway, you find it in: Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System/Asio Driver Setup page…

I wasn’t sure about the exact position… so I didn’t provide that info…
just a hint to a valid source

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