hear track while recording on same track?

hey guys, I have been recording for quite some time now however for the last… i don’t know maybe 15 years, i have been using a DAW called Mixcraft. I have recently moved to cubase because NO ONE has ever heard of the DAW i was using and with collaborating with people for other states, most use this and it is much easier then mixing down all my individual tracks for others… now we can simply share projects… AWYWAYS… i know there is a lot to learn so I’m sure Ill be here a lot more, but my first question is…

Is there a way to hear the audio from a single track while recording on that same track? i have messed around with the auto monitoring modes, and I like tapeMachine Mode best, but in my old DAW when I was recording say guitar I will record using pod farm as a plug in. When i mess up and i start another take, I can just record on the same track … ill pull back a couple bars and press record… while it’s recording i could hear what i just played so i knew when to come in… So i am having SUCH a hard time cause I cant hear the first take when i press record. I am alone, I don’t have anyone who can press record and the right moment or anything, I need to press record sit back and play… i never can tell exactly where I am in the song…like if its just guitar I’m recording its just the click i hear and I’m like OK where am i??.. the only method I have found is duplicating the track and just going back and forth between tracks. Its OK for now but if I have a lot of plugins loaded and their all duplicated, its going to put a huge strain on the PC…


Is there any way to hear the previous track while recording on the same track?

PS I’m using Cubase 7.0.0 build 2070

Thanks in advance!

No there isn’t.

Take a look at the punch in and out functions. Basically, these functions will allow you to set where you want to record on an existing track and will automate when the recording function is turned on/off. To get oriented to the recording you would start playback of the track a few bars before where you want to record with the punch in/out function (I assume to fix something). You will hear the track up until the point where the recording starts. Then you will just hear what you are currently recording.

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