Hear two guitar signals using Apogee One interfact

I am using an Apogee One as an interface. I am running everything on a Mac Book Pro.

I create an instrument track, and then attempt to use the guitar amp presents.

I have connected the Bus for my Instrument track to my One under VST Connections.

I then turn on the audio via the monitor button for that track (i.e. as if I wanted to hear the audio in my headphoes).

When I plug a guitar into the instrument in on the Apogee One, I hear two separate signals coming out of my speakers. One sounds like a simple unprocessed signal and the other is the processed signal.

When I record only the proceessed signal is recorded which is good.

Why am I hearing two signals prior to recording?


You need to make sure the device is set to DAW and not a mix of both DAW and Direct/ Input. The amp sim. should be used as an Insert on the Audio track your guitar is routed to.

Thanks for the quick response. Quick clarification. when you say,

“device is set to DAW” - how do you do this?


Should be a knob on the device.

When you say device you mean the Apogee One interface?



I don’t see a DAW option on the unit itself.

The software has a Mixer built into it. I am wondering if the option you speak of is a setting in the Mixer?

Attached is the manual:


Read it !