Hearing in beat designer

i can’t seem to hear sounds when I’m plotting in Beat Designer. I can hear it when I hit playback, but can’t hear the sounds back when I’m plotting. any help would be appreciated! It is assigned to an instrument track, I’ve tried changing the inputs and nothing has worked


Is Monitoring (the orange speaker button) switched On, on the track?

yea i did try it with the monitoring button switched on, that also hasn’t work! it’s really strange


You are right, the signal is not audible, while inserting the events to the Beat Designer.

You can pre-listen the sound, by clicking to the “speaker” icon, on the left side of the sound. Good praxis is to play part of the project in the loop, and create the MIDI patterny while playback, on the fly.

Has anyone figured out how to listen back while plotting in beat designer? I could have sworn that I was able to do this years ago but am having the same problem now.