Hearing Levels in MIX

Hello all,
Wondering if anyone can give me a few pointers here. When I’m producing & writing songs in Cubase 11 (Mac), specifically when working on MIXES–I’m having difficulties hearing all my track parts! I have the unity set at Zero on all faders and I’m trying to follow that rule of thumb at keeping my Main output Gain (the green bouncing level light) no louder than -6 dB (more or less). Problem is when working on “mixes” at these settings I can just barely hear anything any tracks!!! Earphones loudness is basically set at 12 (on an old Scarlett 2 2 interface.
Thanks in advance all! Much appreciated.
Steve O

It might help if people know what you are mixing and what you can’t hear - are you talking about the monitoring level or frequency masking? I try keep my master gain around -6 too, but if it’s too quiet I turn up the volume on the interface and it gets plenty loud. I usually keep the ambient level to under 60db conversation level.

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I had this problem once - I had inadvertently switched the Dim switch to On (assigned to the D on your keyboard).

Vol up on interface may be the best solution. No idea what freq masking is nor am I familiar with ambient level. But thanks

I would first establish if the volume level from Cubase is significantly different than some other source, such as media player or iTunes.
Play a .wav file in your music player app of choice and make sure all the volume levels are set to default. Compare this to Cubase by importing the same file into a Blank project. Again, make sure all volume controls are set to default/unity. (If you have Control Room activated in Cubase, don’t forget to check there too.)

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No idea what Dim switch is. But thanks.

This is a great help. Never thought of comparing all the app levels! I will try this immediately. If only someone would invent an app that makes ALL sound apps on a computer output at the same levels.
Thank you!!!

Dim, in this instance, doesn’t mean stupid! It’s a titchy button on the Control Room panel that reduces the volume by around -40 dBs. You can see Talk Dim and Listen Dim, too.

Ha ha. Didn’t think it meant stupid.
I never use the control room. 2 users have now mentioned this function herein. Maybe I should take some time to explore. Thank you.

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I mean the room monitoring level, there is a free NIOSH app that reads db levels so you can keep things in a zone not to give yourself hearing loss - I try keep it around 50 or 60 max.