I have been trying to set up my Motif XS and work with the Motif tones within Cubase AI4. I have installed the VST Editor, and can pull up the sound listings, but still have no audio from the Motif.

I am currently using a ProFire 610, and have the outputs of the Motif hooked to the rear Inputs of the Profire.
I have Mackie MR5 Monitors hooked to the rear outputs of the Profire.
My Macbook is hooked via firewire to the Profire. I’m running OSX 10.6.7.

I can currently listen to audio through cubase to the Monitors, and can also hear the Hallion One sounds, just not the Motif’s.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you,


Are you trying to use Motif as a midi soundbank and fire sounds from Cubbase midi track which you would then record as audio or do you have problem to record motif audio into Cubase in first place ?

Either way, the answer is the same, you need to add an audio track within Cubase and set the VST inputs to whichever inputs on the profire the Motif is connected to.


The thing is that if you cannot record / hear audio whe playing your synth you have problems with audio connections (you must record motif as audio - sounds cannot be transported via midi). If that part is okay but you want Cubase to trigger Motif sounds you have a problem with midi setup. Create empty midi track and record few notes there. Set the output of that midi track to motif and if you were able to hear audio earlier you should be hearing it now as well.


Did you get your problem fixed?