Hearing multiple MIDI notes on selection

Hi There,

I’m wondering if it is now possible in Cubase 12 to hear multiple midi notes when selecting them (also when changing velocity)? I can hear single notes on click, so I do have Acoustic Feedback on.

I’m sure it would be crazy that I can’t hear a chord if I drag over the notes, as that would be MIDI editing 101? I feel like I’m missing something.

Thank you!

Hold ctrl/cmd while clicking in a note in a chord.

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My apologies, I think I’m explaining things badly!
I want to be able to hear notes as I’m dragging the mouse while holding the left mouse button to select them, rather than clicking them individually.
When dragging over individual notes, I can hear them after I’ve selected/released the left mouse button, but it doesn’t work for multiple notes.

did you try it? In Cubase that’s how it works.

Hey Steve,

Yup, that function works fine when I click on a chord, but I want to have the midi play when I’m highlighting/selecting it.

I’ve included a gif here on it so it makes more sense. I want the audio to play as I’m going across the notes as I am in this gif.
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Hi, @risky.clicks

I don’t see how to this either, as a Key Editor feature, but alternately, there is something else that could be useful. In the Edit > Key Commands window, look for this one :

Transport > Play Selection Range (Alt+Space)

Works perfectly, here, using it on multiple notes selected in the Key Editor.


Thank you, I’ll give this a try for the meantime. I seem to be so used to this function in Logic/Pro Tools, I kinda miss it!

Please submit this topic as a feature request. I think it would be nice. Let me know if you do.