Hearing multiple overlapping audio in a single track?

So my issue with Cubase AI 7 is “how do I hear all the audio in overlaping takes” in a single tracks space without the need to create several tracks? :angry:

You bring the different takes “to front”. For which you need to have “toolbox on rightclick” disabled in preferences.

But how do I make both of them sound at the same time??

You can´t.

So depressing! Logic does this too easy. But, I like the drum editor in cubase.

It would be great in Cubase to have audio clips that are overlapped to play at the same time? Sometimes I find it easier to pile up several samples or clips fully or partially overlapping on a single audio track and hear all of them play. I may later bounce all the selected overlapping clips making a single clip. At least his is how I now do it on Studio One and Reaper. Studio One has the “play overlapping events” in the preferences and Reaper has something similar but prefer working in Cubase. I love Cubase!

For this to work properly the Clips must be slightly transparent so one can see how the waveforms align with each other.

Cubase is a more expensive and more full featured DAW so why is this feature missing this feature?

The overlap issue was also very important to me. I wrote this Feature Request for Cubase 8.
Allow all Overlapping Audio Clips To Play viewtopic.php?f=182&t=39124

Studio One, Reaper, Sonar, Fl Studio and Tracktion and possible other DAW’s allow the overlapping clips in a way that helps my workflow. Would be nice if they did but still allowed the overlapping not to play so to not upset the users that prefer the current situation.

So now I wait for Cubase 9 to finally implement this feature.