Hearing music output problem

am new to cubase, i am playing on my MIDI Keyboard, but whatever library I play from , the output sound comes only from one side of the headphones ( mono). can’t figure out the solution for that. plz help

Sound card? OS?
Did you checked your routings inside the mixer?

Am using MAC , the routing in the mixer is correct.

What is correct?
Is your interface configured as it should?
What is your interface?

Am a beginner, can you send me the right configuration. Am using Arturia essential keyboard linked through usb to my mac. I installed cubase and started working on it. More then this i dont know. Plz help

No I can’t send you the right configuration
since this is related to your system and your hardware.

What is your sound card or audio interface?

I am just using the built in sound card on my IMAC 27 inch 2018 model. am not using a sound card or audio interface.

so there is no customer support for this problem?

I’m not customer support