Hearing repeated C4 that's not in the score?

Flute part, middle of piece. Whenever a note plays on the flute a middle c is also sounded in the flute, but there’s nothing there in the score or the piano roll. Any thoughts as to what’s going on here? Thanks

Usually that sort of extra-note suggests a keyswitch not being handled by the instrument expression map, but most keyswtiches are well below the range of the instrument while middle-C is within the range of the flute.

In play mode, click the cog wheel icon next to the VST instrument in the right hand panel, and check you have the correct expression map for the flute.

What Derrek said is correct - but middle-C might not be within the range of the WRONG instrument’s expression map.

(Pure guess - does Dorico think your flute is a piccolo for some reason…)

Here’s the expression map, it all seems to be correct (this score is the playback version).

Here’s the section of the project in question.
AlcuinPBnew - 01_Flute - The Silence of Alcuin.zip (524 KB)

You must have played with the expression map, because the NATURAL technique is defined as midi note 60 (middle C) … keep the Natural technique, but trash the actions associated with it and you should be fine…

So fratveno, if you mean going to the expression map and removing all the playing techniques there that didn’t have any effect. I’m watching Anthony Hughes’ vid on How to use the playing techniques editor and see if that will help. Thanks

The easiest is probably to go Play/Expression maps… click on HSO Flute Solo in the left column and then click on “Reset to Library Defaults” on the bottom left…

Somehow or other I managed to sort this out, and I appreciate all the suggestions, thanks.