Hearing the correct number of players in playback

My score is for 24 different instruments in a Concert Wind Band arrangement.

How do I get the correct number of players per instrument / section represented in PlayBack using NotePerformer.
eg how do I get 4 X Flute 1, 4X Flute 2, 4 X Clarinet 1, 3 X Alto Sax 1 etc
and, thereafter exported on to Mp3 etc so that I may have the correct ensemble effect and balance
Thank you

Assigniong Players is a function of Setup Mode. If one wants 4 individual first flutes, one would set up 4 flute 1 Players.

(If one wanted four people playing the exact same flute notes (or one staff where Flute players split into 4-note chords), one could assign one section player but might then need to find a band-style VST (like Garritan’s COMB) that assigned multiple wind instruments to a given part.)

After setting up one’s custom array of instruments, one should run the NotePerformer Playback Template from the Play menu to have NP assign all the parts to channels in its mixer(s).

Am I visualizing what you want correctly? If not, please post back here.

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I think NotePerformer can assign section sizes with CC 104 (up to 8). You should be able to set the CC 104 value for each player in Play mode.

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Thanks - that helps me undersand

I think so Derreck - thanks

Hi, I have the same problem. Where an how can I assign the section sizes.