Hearing the Whole Score while editing part


I’ve scoured the manuals and online help for a solution.
Is there anyway to hear the whole score while I view a part. Currently I only hear the part that I am editing. It would be very useful to be able to hear the whole score or selected instruments together while editing a part and preparing the part for performance.
Cheers, Tom

Hi Tom.
If you want to hear only a part when viewing the whole score, select more than one note (on different beats) of that part.
If you want to hear the whole score while viewing a single part… open another window with the whole score and make play from that window ! I don’t think there’s another solution (yet).

Thanks Marc,
Ok that would work with manual following of the score! It would good to have the playback be reflected in the part so that any stops could be controlled from the part window while editing. I will try your workaround for now.
Cheers, Tom

Hi Marc,
That work around doesn’t work as when I start play and then go back to the other window it stops play. Can you open another window within a project?
Can’t see how to do this…
Cheers, Tom


Unfortunately that’s the way it works; when you switch layouts, playback doesn’t continue.

Thanks Dan,
Yes I realise that! Still would find it useful to hear the entire score whilst editing a part…
Cheers, Tom

See https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=176935
You can have 2 layouts (or more) in splits windows (or two monitors) and play the active window.

BTW thanks to cparmerlee for sharing

Thanks Rafael, that was my idea. You can have (as long as your screen real estate allows it) different windows open for the same project. Some users have developed a workflow with one window on Engrave mode, the other in write mode. Others keep a full score on a screen while working on parts on another screen.
That is the only suggestion I could find to solve your problem.

Hi Marc,

I think the OP should have just one window opened, but with both layouts in different tabs and then use the Windows menu to split the view inside this window.
I’m sorry if i can not be clearer, English is not my first language.


Thank you Marc and Rafael!
I haven’t explored tabs before and this is exactly what I needed. Move Tab to new window works like a charm! Luckily I have 2 monitors! :slight_smile:
Problem solved!
Cheers, Tom