Hearing VST Amps while playing

Hi all,

I would love to hear the amp effects while playing. In the past, I have recorded (and while recording, I hear the clean guitar). As soon as I hit “stop,” and play it back, I can hear the amp effects. But I can never hear the effects when I am actually playing.

I watched this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rq-L0Pw52q4 and at 2:06, he mentions briefly something about setting it to “monitor the door,” but try as I did, I could not figure out how to accomplish this.

So grateful for guidance. Thank you kindly!!


He is saying “monitor the DAW” not the “door”. And as he also say: Disable direct monitoring. Since you are not giving any useful info on what that is: Refer to you audio hatdware’s and software’s manual.

I am using a Scarlett 2i2.

When I switch off Direct monitoring, I can hear nothing.

Is there some setting in Cubase 9.5 elements I am missing to be able to hear this VST amp rack while playing?

I am desperate and just can’t figure it out.

As said, disable direct monitoring!

Direct monitoring is not the orange speaker button by the way

As I said, I hear nothing when I switch off direct monitoring. Not even my clean guitar.

Then you are doing something wrong.
Set the track you are recording to to output to the bus you are monitoring in Cubase.

I have the same problem, I can hear my guitar but can’t hear the different amp sounds. After recording the guitar I can hear the different amp sounds. What do I do wrong?

As I wrote several times before already… :unamused: