hearing what I write

When writing with extra keys like G 15a up, or F 15a down, I cannot hear the note at their real pitch.
How is it possible?
In the same way, how can I write a piano piece with 4 keys (G 15a up, G, F, F15a down), have only one name for these 4 lines (Piano) and hear the notes at their real pitch?

Dear Bohy,
I you use octava lines, you’ll hear the real pitches. Octava clefs are only cosmetic, this has been discussed at length in the forum, so if you’re interested, I suggest you search (use google, more efficient that the search engine provided in this site).
If you do not want to use octava lines (because the whole piece has to be octaviated), use the cosmetic octava clefs, but modify the expression map for those instruments. There’s a pitch shifter in the expression map that will do exactly what you need :wink:
Edit : You’ll probably need to create the proper octava shifter expression map, but that is really easy. There’s already one that is built up to octaviate higher. Simply make sure you have the same settings (except for the pitch shifting).
Hope it helps !

Thank you for your help ! The little problem I have is that my Dorico is in French, and I don’t find what is “expression map” in French. Do you have an idea?

I am nowhere near my computer now, but IIRC it’s in the Play menu, look for something like Éditeur de qqch in that menu, probably towards the end of it