Heart Full of Sunshine in a House Full of Music

Hey Guys,

I finished another track, have a listen if you like, as usual, Cubase Rules I 've never used another DAW, Cubase inspires me to no end!

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Hello, good work here. I hear a good song, well recorded and mixed. Nice gallops there, kind of soft Iron Maiden.

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Hello Knopf, thanks for listening to the track, soft iron maiden lol, cool.

Hi Deangersmith, another great recording. Killer guitar tones. Which child in the picture is you?

Thanks Early, I am the one on the right :slight_smile:

Great guitar playing!

Thanks 66superfly, glad you enjoyed!

Nice work on this. I agree with all those who said it’s well executed and recorded. It all sounded good, and I particularly was surprised by some interesting note choices in your outro. Cool stuff.

Hey swetch thank you, I feel the outro guitars need improvement and the parts need work, I will keep in mind for the next track, we live and learn, thanks for the message!