Heat Death Of The Universe

hi there ,i`ve been trying out new (for me) mix techniques ,this is an oldish tune re-mixed “again” :unamused: .i used a bit of a stereo imager to widen it a bit and it seems to have diverted all the reverbs to the left ,odd, anyway .thanks.

Enjoyed the tune/writing and concept. Love the guitar tone!!! Now about the stereo image (there is always something right?) the cabasa(?) in right speaker is really distracting to me and I am confused why the conga is all panned left. Usually they would be mixed high conga left- low on right (not wide stereo spread but sorta like toms (?). This might be hard to do with the samples though… Then tambourine comes in different place (center or slightly left) than shaker. It is a great mix except for a few distractions like that. A thought would be to take that shaker down and move it slightly closer to rest of percussion?
Like your key sounds, what are you using?
It all depends I guess on taste I like stereo field but not unnatural. sorta like a painting that has the image weighted to the bottom corner.
I’m rambling but like your work! Hope you don’t mind

no i dont mind Kenny thanks for taking the time to listen and point out some things .that's a hi hat in the right speaker actually but i take your point about it been too loud .Thanks for pointing out the positions for the percussion ,gosh im such an ignoramus at times , i would have never thought anything else about where to put them, ill make a note of that and have another look ,by the way the keys sound is just guitar midi controller through the vst Embracer ... Warm Bath slightly panned left and a Alan Holdsworth swell chorus chords type guitar sound panned slightly right i suppose it`s a mixture of the two what are creating a sound .cheers Kenny thanks a lot.

Just listening… I think you love Jeff Beck as much as I do. I recognize the voice of that science guy… forgot his name … smiles always. I do agree with Kenny’s points about the placement. But I think these are not major things. You are getting a great sound with the guitars on this one. “There is no difference between the past, the present, and the future”… what is that guy’s name? Anyway, overall, love it!

thanks Early,yes Jeff Beck ,one of my faves . The science guy is prof Brian Cox .The voice over i sampled from a science show which was on TV a couple of years ago called “wonders of the universe”, a fantastic show worth watching and starred smiley Brian Cox .he used to be in a band called D-Ream back in the 90`s ,he played the keyboard… a little bit of pop trivia there. thanks

That’s the guy, Brian Cox. He’s appeared in a number of science shows over here in the US. I can’t get enough of it! Don’t now if Wonders of the Universe made it here yet, so I’ll go look on Netflix. Thanks for the tip, and thanks for the great playing once again!

edit: didn’t find Wonders of the Universe, but Netflix offered me “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe”. I’ll probably just go with that.

Ha Ha! dont do it ,thats a shame .it realy is worth checking out, i noticed they were selling it on the web, a box set of the series “wonders of the universe” for £11.99 and they have also included the series “wonders of the solar system” .i think they are both 6x1 hourly part series :ugeek:

My first impression was that the guitar tone was nailed perfectly; wasn’t surprised to see that the Steinberg community concurs.

I think it’s a pretty neat concept to have a chill track about the death of the universe, a task normally left to death metal. :wink:

Great track…guitar tones are superb…it’s a little bit “chillin” for a title like “heat death of the universe” but maybe you know something I don’t :slight_smile:

good work mate…Kevin

thanks Kevin,the only thing the words are saying is that all the stars in the universe will eventually go out ,hope it isn`t before the world cup this summer :slight_smile: or the game of thrones series has ended .

good work mate…Kevin[/quote]thanks Kevin,the only thing the words are saying is that all the stars in the universe will eventually go out ,hope it isn`t before the world cup this summer :slight_smile: or the game of thrones series has ended .[/quote]

yeah, lookin forward to the world cup and watching a load of fit fully grown men throwing themselves on the floor pretending to be injured…also can you tell me when wrestling was introduced into footy?
I see it every time there is a corner…sorry to go off thread :blush:

yeh tell me about it .how can Wayne Rooney justify earning £300,000 per game .22 grown men kicking a bag of wind around some grass.

incredible innit :angry:

Great mix & guitar work again.
Sadly couldn’t listen to it all 'cos I’m sick to the back teeth of Brian Cox appearing in everything. I avoid him like the plague and what happens? He jumps into my ears in an otherwise great piece of music :slight_smile:
Really, I liked it !!

Ha Ha ! love it ,but surly it cant be as annoying as that gimp from Made in Chelsea who was on the last celebrity big brother ...Ollie Lockes accent,ooch! ouch! it even hurts just thinking about it ,note i am being very polite here ,got to mind your political correctness`s es . ha ha poor Brian Cox i love him but i know what you mean ,he sounds like there is a clothes peg on his nose when he talks not too far removed from the Gallagher brothers twang, smart cookie though.cheers Neil

What? Big brother, Made in Chelsea? Soaps, reality shows and all that stuff? Life is WAY too short :slight_smile:
Each to their own. Give me a Cubase manual any day! Last time I saw a soap, somebody fetched half a pint for Minnie Caldwell - seriously.
P.S - it’s also about 45 years since I heard the expression “gimp” - love it :slight_smile: