Heat defeat

A lighthearted song about a guy who thinks he’s the dogs bollocks but, actually, he isnt!
If you take a listen I thank you.

cheers, Kevin

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Hi Kevin,
I do love the strong sound. The attack on the guitars is really crisp and drives the energy forward. However, it’s the lyrics which really grab me. All those internal rhymes and self-deprecating images are truly fun to listen to. Your dead-pan vocals clinch it.

Now, whereas I might push the vocals more forward, yours are inclined to mix more with the music, creating a more sonic experience. Not a problem for me by the way. (See my other post)

All the best


I’m diggin this. The vibe is quite fun and I have to admit…made me smile a bit.

Pretty cool, and well balanced. I agree with Jonathan regarding the energy. Perhaps the drums should be heavier from time to time (to give a kind of answer to the voice). I found the voice clear. Honestly i envy you. Would love to be able to sing like that!

Thanks for listening guys…and thanks for the kind comments.

I like this. Sound, voice, mixing, everything. Really cool!

I like this. It all comes together really nicely. Clever lyrics and cool production. Very nice (and you cleverly worked the title of a Beatle album-not quite-into it all).

Thanks for the kind comment swetch, which Beatles album are you talking about?

Rubber Soul. I know you wrote “rubber soles” in the lyrics, but I thought that was a cute connection of sorts that you migth’ve intended.

Oh …I see, just an accident, I’m not clever enough to do it on purpose…

Rubber Soul is a pretty good album, and this is a really good song! Thanks for sharing it with us, Kevin.