Heavy Atmosphere Driven Groove Metal using Axe FX II


The title of the song is “The Nightmare Within”. This is the first song I have done since purchasing the Axe FX II. After years of Using PODs and plugs I’m digging this thing. I’ve had it for a little over a week now, so I’m still new to it. I’ve used Amplitube, TH1 and TH2, Guitar Rig, Revalver and freeware amp sims. My favorite out of those for actual amp sounds is Amplitube and I’m very happy to say that the Axe FX II has taken that title.

Having said (typed) all that, The Axe FX II is wicked expensive. You can get a lot done for a lot less money and it will still sound awesome. I’m eventually going to write up a review on the Axe FX II from my point of view and recording needs (wants).

Anyway, take a listen and hopefully enjoy.

Good example of this genre, like your rock voice, the kick is a bit clicky for my taste would’ve preferred it a bit heavier down there, like the quiet section also…nice touch…excuse my ignorance but was this track produced without actually playing a guitar?..if not then excellent playing…nice work, Kevin