Heavy distortion on audio tracks when recording on iPad

Hi all, I just got my UR22mkII in yesterday and tried hooking it up to my computer. It works great with the computer.

I then tried hooking it up to my iPad (5th Generation, 2017, 9.7" screen) through a USB camera adapter and I get terrible distortion. Tried the default Apple recording app and it was awful; installed Cubase LE and it was just as terrible. If I speak into the microphone, everything sounds good when I monitor it through the headphones while recording. But as soon as I stop recording, the track suddenly turns into trash. It sounds so heavily distorted that you can barely even tell a human is talking.

Any fixes for this? Thanks in advance!

Before posting this, I searched the forum and didn’t see anyone with an issue identical to mine (heavy distortion on all recordings regardless of which app was being used). But after posting this, I found the solution. I simply downloaded the Windows version of the firmware on my desktop and ran the update. That fixed all of the problems I was having.

I apologize for hastily posting this topic. Perhaps it will help someone else out there who is having the same problem, but is new to Steinberg’s interfaces.