Heavyocity Damage 1 screen view bugs in Cubase

Hi Guys,

Is there any Damage 1 owners around that have noticed a bug with the screen view layouts when going from Main view to EQ/Filter view?
So when I open Damage in Cubase (11.0.41 build 448), from the main view, I can’t open the EQ/Filter view. I click dozen of times on the EQ/Filter button but nothing happens. If I click first on the Stage button then I go to the Stage view and if I click from there on the EQ/Filter button then I can go to the EQ/Filter view but there is a mess with the design layouts that shows all the Values, Names and Faders of the Stage view and the EQ/Filter view at the same time stacked on top of each other. It makes for instances the values of the filters unreadable…
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Note that It tried to do this in Reaper and with Kontakt 6 in stand alone and it is only happening in Cubase (11.0.41 and 11.0.40)

Has anyone encountered this behavior ?

I can’t reproduce this issue with the same library.
Tried several more Damage libraries and moving between screens.
Is this bug still occur when you reinstacing the plugin ?

Maybe you switched version of kontakt/Damage and you opened an old version session with the new one?
You can try to clear Kontat’s caches if you want.

Using Cubase Pro 11.0.41 Build 448
Kontakt 6.61
Mac Catalina, 10.15.7
NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 2 GB- Graphics


I expect this issue would be Windows only and related to HiDPI and scaling.

Ok, I’ll try to clear caches

Hi Martin,

and what would you do in order to fix this bug?


More info would be needed. Confirmation, you are using HiDPI screen. Windows scaling setup, Cubase HiDPI setup, EW Play version.