Heh.. and here I thought I was joking

Just received this in my inbox.

SpectraLayers Pro overview:

SpectraLayers is an extraordinary audio editing platform that features unprecedented sound shaping capabilities combined with a truly unique workflow. Explore audio data on a multidimensional spectral display. Unmix audio files into discrete component layers using a variety of smart editing tools. Process extracted layers individually in an unlimited number of ways. SpectraLayers is an essential application for engineers, sound designers, audio-for-video editors, archivists, and professionals who demand the deepest audio analysis tools. SpectraLayers brings today’s most advanced editing tools to an eminently affordable and approachable platform—available for both Mac and PC.

This new program looks incredible. Check it out here:

Bottom pic looks like the Spectrum Editor in Wavelab 7.

Top pic looks like my linen closet. :open_mouth:


‘Real’ men don’t have linen closets (assuming you’re a male?) :stuck_out_tongue:!


:laughing: He probably has a woman… so a linen closet comes with all the other baggage!

Back on topic…

Are they saying a scrambled egg can now be unscrambled, that’d be something :confused: .

Bck off topic,

Linen, yeah, I’ve been badgered into helping in ‘The Folding of the Linen’ in the past…:blush: .


Women are a sub-species of Badgers… :wink: :laughing:

CSI and all of the other Sci-Fi tv cop shows always have a nerd in front of a PC pulling magically clear tracks out of the most garbled recordings.

“Hear that chirping beneath the gunshots, screams and mayhem on the cell phone call? That’s the Lesser Ruby Throated Nut Crusher only found in the old oak at the corner of 3rd and Main.”

Long wondered how they did that.

CSI crime shows, eh?

Hollywood script writers take a tiny measure of science, stuff it so full of fiction that no amount of suspension of disbelief will do, and smear a lavish amount of CGI effects over top. In other words … they slap some lipstick on that pig and broadcast it. But then, I stopped watching major networks years ago … so maybe I’m being generous and it has gotten even worse? :wink:

It’s been a long road, but finally we get a glimpse at the root cause.

Coulda saved myself a lot of befuddlement if only I’d known this sooner. :mrgreen: