Height of bar line in one line percussion stave

I have searched but I can’t see that anyone has asked this: I want a one line stave, but a full bar line - a stipulation from a publisher. Is this possible in Dorico yet? They feel that the short bar line is too short for the rhythm exercises they are producing.

No, there’s currently no way to do this, but I will make a note of the need for options in this area.

I was looking for this, precisely for a request of music exercises. I need to replicate the engraving made by another editor. I’ve looked through the engraving options and it doesn’t seem possible, unless it has been added since last post and I’m missing some option. I second this request.

Unless I’m very much mistaken, Engraving Options > Barlines > Design > Minimum Barline Protrusion does exactly what you want. Try setting it to about 3 spaces.

Thanks! That did it! … except for a little problem.
Now I have this issue. The repeat dots are too far apart. Oddly, the only way I can make them closer again that I know of is to set Barlines > Repeat dot frequency > All spaces in the staff. For this particular case, this is the only staff I have, so that’s fine. However, I’d like to know if it’s possible to adjust the dot’s distance somehow, because even with this solution, they’re too close for my taste.
Captura de ecrã 2019-12-09, às 10.27.19.png

No, Dorico positions the dots for repeat barlines automatically.

There must be something non-standard about either your project or your player, as I get this by default (with the barline protrusion set to 2 spaces)

edit: looks like there’s a difference if you’re using a percussion kit or a player holding one unpitched percussion instrument. If you need one stave for these purposes, use a player holding one unpitched percussion instrument, not a kit.