Height of Export Audio Mixdown window

Good Day Folks,

I’m currently using the Pro 9.5.21 trial version.

I’m sure I won’t get sympathy for this minor complaint, but on a 15.6" laptop the Export Audio Mixdown window is just a tad too big, and is not resizable. The bottom 1/3 of the Export and Cancel buttons are cropped.

Of course the buttons are still functional by clicking the top 2/3 but it seems like the window could be a little shorter. There’s wasted space inside and just below the File Format section.

Overall it seems like an impressive upgrade for Cubase users.

It’s not the size of the display that’s important, it’s the resolution. What’s the maximum resolution of your display?

My resolution has always been maxed at 1366x768.

I wish I could go higher but I can’t. I could plug a 1080p monitor into the HDMI port, but unfortunately I don’t have the space.

Ouch. That is 15 pixels shorter than the window, so yeah, I hear you. Is getting a smallish monitor, like a 17 inch and then close the laptop, using an external keyboard and mouse a viable option. (just brainstorming…)

I’d have to get a bigger desk, extra $$, and I’m lacking for space.

If Steinberg could make the window 15 pixels shorter to accommodate 15.6" laptops, I don’t think if would affect its usability. I guess most people are using 1080p+ monitors. I’m in the minority.

Either way it’s not a big deal.