Height of text in Text Boxes varies

Hi there. I’m setting up a Default Master Page for all parts. Across the top of the page, I want layout name (left) - page number (centre) - project title (right). I’ve set the 3 text boxes with precision so they meet up perfectly, height 6.0mm. BUT the project title on the right sits slightly lower than the other two pieces of text. I’ve re-entered, checked they are all the same font, paragraph style, size etc, restarted Dorico, but I can’t fix this. Of course I could lift up the bottom of the right hand text box, but I should not have to, and this upsets my sense of symmetry!

One is center-aligned, the other is top-aligned. Check the bottom Properties panel.

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On the Properties Panel, set Vertical Alignment to “top” for that text block.

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Thankyou so much!