HEJI microtonal playback not working in Dorico 5

I recently updated to Dorico 5 and previous projects that utilize the HEJI notations from plainsound only playback in ET. I can still create new projects with correct playback by importing the various .lib files, but previous files (including the template files) do not work. Any recommendations on getting Dorico 5 to interpret these?

Welcome to the forum, @abedgcomb. I suspect the change is due to some additional control that Dorico now provides for how microtonal playback is achieved, which is controlled via the expression map. Go to Library > Expression Maps and click the little filter icon at the top to show only those expression maps currently used in the project. Now expand the Expression Map Data section on the right side of the dialog, and take a look at the Microtonality playback drop-down. If it’s currently set to Auto, you should change this to either Detune or Pitch Bend depending on which VST plug-in you’re using for playback.

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This worked like a charm, thank you!