HEJI tonality system issue

Hello there,
i am trying to set up the HEJI tonality system, a custom tonality system that i
downloaded from plainsound.org.
I followed the precedure described in the readme file, that means, i put the .json file in the SMuFL folder and i installed the fonts.
The folder i downloaded contain a few examples that use the HEJI-basic and the HEJI2020 tonality systems. If i open these scores the accidentals show and play correctly, the problem is when i tried to use them in a new score.
What i did is a exported the tonality system from the examples and imported in the new score. In the new score, the accidental don’t up, more precisely, they are not visible because if i move the mouse on the accidentals area i can see the “boxes” of each accidental turn lighter, dark grey as opposed to the black background. If i click they turn blue and they actually playback. So that means they are probably there but “ghosted”. if i drag and drop on the score nothing shows but they are playing back.
I restarted the computer (imac) a few times.
Can anyone help me with this issue?
Thank you!

What version of Dorico are you using?

Hi Daniel,
i am using Dorico 3.5 at the moment. Planning to upgrade to 4 soon.

I’m afraid then you are currently experiencing a bug relating to the export of tonality systems that we fixed in Dorico 4. Sorry about that!

Hi Daniel,
thank you for the reply.
it is probably not that because i upgraded to Dorico 4 and the exact same thing
happens. Maybe it has to do with the fonts used by who designed the tonality at plainsound.org?
Once i import the tonality system the accidentals are supposed to show right away or do I need to set up the file somehow?

It should work. The problem in Dorico 3.5 was that some of the required bits of the accidentals (e.g, some of the text adornments) were omitted from the exported tonality system, but we fixed that in Dorico 4.0.

Perhaps you could use the new Library Manager in Dorico 4 to check whether the Font styles library collection contains the same settings in your project and in the original HEJI project?