Hello admin, I am trying to do a Chinese Guide and manual

I am a music teacher at a Chinese University. Teach the student to use the Notion; I am a Dorico User, So I advanced the student to use Dorico; Until now, we don’t have a Chinese version, Manual. So I want to try to do it. It’s helpful to teach.
Is it possible to let me get the Steinberg authority to do this? Thanks.

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Do be patient; your original post was only three hours ago and it’s the middle of the night in Europe…

@Lillie_Harris will be the person with whom you need to speak. She will see this thread tomorrow since I’ve tagged her.

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Hello @aweqer – unfortunately at the moment, we don’t translate any Steinberg manuals into Chinese, including Dorico. I don’t think this is likely to change in the near future at least, I’m afraid, but I will make a note to check next time I speak to my colleagues in the manuals team.

Hello @Lillie_Harris , Maybe I am not explaining clearly. I mean, I will do the translation myself. I will write a Chinese Dorico manual.
So I need to get permission from Dorico Thanks.

Thanks @aweqer – I’ve checked with my colleagues. You can of course work on your own translations of resources that are publicly available, but we can’t offer any support and you must make it clear that it’s an unofficial resource, not endorsed/checked by Steinberg.

Thanks for the answer @Lillie_Harris
But it’s possible to get the Dorico and Steinberg TRADEMARK LICENSING for my Manual?

No, it will be unofficial and not supported by Steinberg. You aren’t allowed to claim any official link to Dorico or Steinberg.

OK,thank you so much~ Have a nice day!

@Lillie_Harris BTW, Who did the Chinese Version translation for the Dorico software? It seems like some words “unusual”… it’s possible to talk to the translator?

In similar situations with other languages, Dorico has asked for people in your position to submit a list of terms they think may be better translated so that they can share the list with their own translators to determine the best solution.

hi@Derrek Do we have an official way to submit? like form?

@aweqer you can share a list of terms here in this thread, or you can message me privately with the list. I can then share it with our translator for their consideration.

Happy new chinese year to @aweqer and to the chinese dorico forum members

@Menaggen Thank you so much, my dear friend .