Hello all, been away for awhile...Karltl here

Hello all, I’ve been away for awhile (had no idea that the old forum was no more and everything has moved here). Read about Leedsquietman…sorry to hear that.

I see several folks I recognize (Zenda, OnkleGrusom and others). Had to flog at logging in to the new forum, tough keeping track of 857 million id’s and passwords…particularly when SOME are not only case sensitive and require that you enter it in 14 point Gabriola font… :cry: !!! Are there folks running MI6 black op’s from here or what???

Been pretty busy the last several months. I’ve built a very nice mobile rig (fully mobile 24 chan rig running several iterations of Cubase depending on what I need to do) and have been doing a bit of live location recording. Did a pretty cool big band recording. Been asked to record them again in March and another big band contacted me to record them in April. Also finishing up several tunes with a local rock band and some other projects in the works.

Set up a web site and I have quite a few tunes posted there if anyone would like to take a listen. Go to…


Tunes are posted on the Samples page. Also have quite a few pictures of the new rig as well as the studio deskside DAW.

Good to see some familiar names still around.

All the best!

Hey Karlt, nice to see you again!

See you are a busy man, glad you still have some time to contribute here.

Welcome to the other side.

Hey Dylan, great to hear from you. Just the other night I had some friends up doing some recording (they have some good stuff going that I hope to be able to put up on my site pretty soon) and we were talking about electronica stuff. I popped over to your soundcloud page and played them several of your tracks.

They were pretty stoked to hear them so you have some new fans!

Hi Karl. Nice to see you here.
Just had a listen to Duality. Really nice. I remember you posting it at the old forum.

Nice to hear that you’re busy with music.


Hi Karl. Welcome back! (Used to be Hurican on the old forum).

Hi Karl

Great to see you again. We’d had a few great chats on the old forum and it was good to sit with a few cups of tea and listen through the works you’ve posted in your website. I’m now fully up and running doing recordings of my own choir and … lol … yup, I am learning a lot!

All the best
Glyn :slight_smile:

Hey Lenny, John, Glyn…

Great to hear from you all! Sorry for the absence but I’ve been pushing hard into the location recording stuff the last few months. Making some good contacts and having a good time with it.

Glyn, I’ve done several recordings of a local high school choir. Several came out quite nice I thought. I’ve several of them posted on the site on the Samples>Juan DIego page. Their Christmas show was quite good I thought. They’re a very talented bunch.

I also started posting what I call “Session bLog’s”. These are more technical descriptions of particular sessions…what mic’s, setup etc… You’re into pretty advanced recording techniques already so might be just old hat but you might find it interesting???

BTW…just took a listen to " Belly Dancy for Violin and Darbuka"…very cool. Sparse…but hypnotically so. A very interesting sound! I like it.

Lenny, what have you been up to lately? I checked out a tune you posted a few months ago and it was great! Cant recall the name but I think you had a picture on your web site page for the song…as I recall it reminded me of the Amber Room??? Does that sound at all familiar or am I hallucinating???