Hello, and Roll Call from the "Old Forum"

Hello to all…

I haven’t posted here since the conversion to the new forum software many months ago. With my return to Cubase 7 (from Logic), and the resurrection of my PC music system (I run both Mac and Windows 8 systems, mobile all Mac; workstation, 8-core Windows 8), I get to log in here again with my brand new eLicenser! (LOL).

Before I left, I had like 4K posts, and interacted with a great crowd here. In the Lounge we exchanged music reviews, discussed all sorts of controversial topics (which got a few members banned), and gave each other mix advice. I had the pleasure of meeting and jamming with a few members (from as far away as Hong Kong, the UK, and Australia) when we had LGTs in my neck of the woods (Northeast US). Amazing.

Which brings me to a roll call. Would love to know who from the old crowd is still contributing here, under what handle, so, show yourselves! I already saw Doug (Twilightsong) and Ted (Surfer). I was MKP, and Jeraz (as my signature shows) when I posted way back when.

Fun to be back to Cubase…

Aloha 1,

Welcome back to the (new) board and welcome back to Cubase.

‘E’ komo mai’.


Thank you, curteye… :slight_smile:

Dropping by to say hi… I was on the old blue forum probably from 2004. Always " knuckle47". Comes from my love of vintage American motorcycle restoration but nothing from 50+ years of guitar playing.

Would love to jam with players from around the world and I have gotten some GREAT advice on the forum. And personally, can’t wait to get OUT of the northeast… :wink:

Maui is nice this time of year.
Oh heck, It’s always nice here.
I’ve got a couple of strats
and know a couple of nude beaches :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


@knuckle47~ my wife and I ride the more modern Harleys (2008 Softail Deluxe/2007 Dyna Low), but there’s nothin’ like riding, and I am actually working on a tune right now called Summer Night Ride. We need a motorcycle smiley here!!!

@Curteye~ My youngest bro lives in Maui… a dive instructor there, plus some IT work… :wink:

Hello, I remember you, welcome back!

I’m on my way…

Funny, Mark, I was thinking of you just this very day :sunglasses:

Yeah Steve. I see what you mean. Sorry k.
A lil too gross.

Hi, 1magineer!

You don’t know me, but you will soon enough. Welcome back.

I read the old cubase.net forum religiously from the time I got Cubase LE 4. It was my main source of knowledge for building my first PC for Cubase Studio 5. I’m still running the same machine successfully with Cubase 7.

I made a whole 1 post on the old forum (never replied to) :unamused: :laughing:

Anyway, I might have been a little late to the party. But, by the time I made my arrival I felt like I already knew a lot of the other people who were invited.

I’m rambling …

See you around!

Like Scab I only started on this version of the forum.
Welcome back anyway :slight_smile:

Howdy Mark,

It’s about time for another LGT innit? Good to see you here again.

Let me know when you’re going to be in my neck-of-the-woods … you are always welcome here.

Best Wishes,

Cheers Mark

Robin Heuristic from the old blue forum, circa 2008 or so.

This place just aint the same… but people tend to check their guns at the door these days. Not such a bad thing. :sunglasses:
here’s a scooter just for you!

I joined in October 2007, same handle as now.
Don’t think we ever had the pleasure. We’ll see what the future holds. :wink:

I first joined a Cubase forum in 1999. Kept the name Mr Mahogany until this incarnation.

On the motorcycle topic, I’m having to move so I’m giving up a garage ,where I’ve kept my 750/5 1971 BMW. I won’t leave it out doors to get ruined as its now in pristine condition. I didn’t ride for awhile as I got in an accident (hit by police car who was starting a pursuit) and lost the urge. Now that its running again and I’ve ridden a few times all the fun comes back. Yet another dilemma!

I say ‘go for it’ M, (Just be a lil careful)

IMHO life is like a gig.

Good, bad or in-between, before you know it.
it’s over.


Hi Mark,

I’m still here, you’ll probably remember me as HornForHire…

Oh wait, I didn’t change my name… :stuck_out_tongue:

Good to have you back, I’d love to hear some new songs from you! :sunglasses:


Hello Mark,

welcome back.


Heh woooo Mark!