Hello everyone---good to be back

Hello everybody,
It’s been almost two years since I’ve been here. Steinberg sure has made some changes but where is everybody?
I recognize Prism, Paul,Zenda and a couple of names but that’s where it ends. I really do enjoy checking out
what’s going on and getting help when I need it. This is a great learning forum for me. I think I may still be the
oldest Cubase user at 72 now. I may not post much but I do read all your posts. Good luck to all of you. I was
out because of illness. Keep posting!!!
John Annacone

Greetings, John, good to see you back , I hope you’re well now :slight_smile: .

Cheers from Oz,


Wow 72… Respect :smiley:

Is there anyone older? (on here that is)

Hey great to cya John!!

Oh hi there!
How’s the singing going? :wink:

Great to see you back here John !

As I’m another oldish (64) person, I don’t seem to have the time to post like I used to, must be an age-related thing eh ? :mrgreen:

Hope your health is better now.

I see you guys are still active – great. As far as my singing goes its gone. Never could anyway.
Just started composing again. Feels great to do. You won’t hear from me much but I’ll be watching guys.

Hi John

It’s great to see you, and whether you’re posting muchor not, it’ll be good to know that you’re around. :slight_smile:

Best wishes

Hey John.
Nice to see that you’re ok. I remember your sig from the old forum was ‘The guy who can’t sing’,
and already in this thread you’ve reminded us. You thinking of using that as your epitaph? :laughing:

The funny thing is, IIRC you posted your music here and you -can- sing. :slight_smile:

Hi John,

Good to see you again! Hope you’re well. :slight_smile:

And, yes, you CAN sing! :sunglasses:


Hi John,

Great to see you here. Sorry to learn you’ve been ill. Hope all is better now.

Best Wishes,
Nick (aka swamptone, aka prism)

Hey John! :slight_smile:

John, don’t sing… :smiling_imp: