hello everyone

hi everyone, i’m newbie, please guide me, i hope i will enjoy this community

Welcome! If you’re making music with Cubase, be sure to post it in “Made with Steinberg”. It’s not as active as it used to be, but there is still a group there that will listen to your music and tell you what they think of it.


Aloha Daduv, and welcome.

I have been here a long time and while there ARE some great and helpful minds here,
one of the main things I’ve noticed is that folks here love to ‘step up’ and help
when YOU have shown that YOU are willing to 1st do a lil work by looking up issues
and questions in the manual before posting help requests.

Manuals can be a pain in the a… I know but we have all had to do it. (consider it like going back to school or taking a course) :slight_smile:

Cubase can be for some folks quite a complex programme and I am still discovering new things/features about it after all these years.

I know sometimes you just can’t find what you are looking for in the manual but when you show us that you have tried,
(by quoting page and chapter numbers etc) and then post a request,
often it is then the ‘Calvary will come over the mountain’ and you won’t get 'snarky responses like:
RTFM man etc.

Good luck Daduv and if you do any work that you want heard, this is a great place to share.

—sending much Aloha

You are most welcome here. Thanks for joining hope we will spend a good time here.

Hi everyone,
Read your posts…being new here also like Daduv…
To curteye : would like to react on your ‘show and prove us you willing to do some work… the manuals in particular’…
A bit of ‘teachers little finger’ rising in my opinion / Well…you know…trying to start writing/composing/playing with the newest techno
is or can be already a very big effort !
I’m shure Steinberg’s Credo is supporting whoever is trying to have some fun creating…It’s like life itself…when you’re experienced, everything
goes more easely.
So, yes the manuals are there…but believe me…if you know they are…well you already had your part of ‘trial and error’ ! / Don’t scare people off when they reach to this forum for just some help or hint !