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Hey Everyone,

My name is Joshua, I write a lot of trailer music and edm material. I just moved from FL Studio to Cubase 7.5, so I’m quite new and am finding Cubase a new challenge - goes to show you how ingrained you can get into a certain workflow! :smiley:

Any tips and tricks would be greatly welcomed - in the mean time I have created some free sounds that you guys can download and use in your own productions and projects: http://generdynmusic.com/free-stuff.html

Talk soon, I look forward to your replies.


Welcome Joshua :slight_smile:
I hope Cubase is the right tool for you. If you have any questions there are plenty of knowledgeable people around here so feel free to ask.

Firstly, welcome aboard!

Secondly, do you have audio samples of the free sounds that you are generously donating to the community?

Hello Joshua and welcome to the world of making music with Steinberg software.

Cubase is a fantastic DAW and hope you enjoy using it and sharing your projects.

Thank you for you generous share of your original sounds. Nice web site.

Now, for the dumb and stupid here how or rather where do install those files to make use of them ???

Hey Everyone, thanks for your replies and welcomes!

You can hear a demo of the sounds done by a friend of mine, nothing fancy just laying out what to expect: https://soundcloud.com/99soundslabel/cinematic-sound-effects-demo

As for installation they are samples, so you can dump them into your future projects and use them as you see fit. :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoy them and thanks for the kudos - still getting my head around Cubase and unlearning bad habits :wink:

Talk soon,

As Strophoid said, there are plenty of long time users here so any questions you have should be easily answered. Again, welcome aboard!